Montessori Nanny Enrichment Programme (In-person or online multi-session Programme)


Supporting the incredibly hardworking helpers who we trust with our children whilst we are away from them.

Our Nanny Enrichment Programme empowers our caregivers in the following key areas:

1) Respectful communication and interaction with our children.

2) How to let our children play and explore at their own pace.

3) How to prepare and maintain our home environment in a way that fosters autonomy and natural development in our children.

Here’s what other families have said:

I’m so happy we sent Liza! She came home so happy, enthusiastic, informed and full of ideas for some changes we can make in our home.
I can already tell you covered many things I was trying to explain and muddle my way through, and she really “gets” it. I know she is intelligent and passionate about childcare, but honestly I am relieved that you have empowered her with the knowledge about Montessori, and she seems genuinely “sold” on it, not just “doing what I say”.
Really see a difference in level of engagement and her confidence with Montessori ideas and it’s only day one!
Thanks Charlotte: will be recommending to all my Monti-interested friends!



 Here are the step by step empowering tools and techniques to support our helpers::

Brief introduction to the Montessori approach and the value it offers to children of all cultures around the world.

Child development needs in the context of Montessori (movement, free exploration, respectful communication).

Guidance on respectful communication.  Supporting caregivers in guiding children in empowering ways.  (alternatives to good girl, naughty girl, threats,etc).

✓ Guidance in respectful interaction (holding by the hand rather than the wrist or arm, respectful caregiving in diapering, honouring a child’s body boundaries, getting down to their level, not interrupting/interfering with their work or play).

✓ Meals – feeding – snacking – food preparation. Supporting children in healthy eating habits from an early age, developing fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination and concentration through self-feeding and food preparation (even with babies!).   Developing a love a good food and the community of a shared family meal.

✓ Giving children the freedom and space they need to move, play and explore.  How to support their curiosity whilst keeping them safe.

✓ A simple guide on establishing a daily rhythm, and  preparing the home environment in a way that promotes autonomy, exploration and joy! 

Additional Resources:

✓ Homework and reflections for Nannies to encourage the new skills and principles learnt to become part of daily home life.

✓ 4 hours of live Workshop time (either face to face in Dubai or virtually via Zoom) plus post Workshop support and accompanying resources.

All virtual sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend live or would like to rewatch (you’ll have lifetime access)

✓ Dedicated Forum with myself and other Workshop attendees for pre and ongoing post Workshop support and a shared Community experience.

Printable checksheets to display at home to support the whole family in keeping on track!

The programme will comprise of as follows:

Nannies: – Tuesday 18th October-9:30 to 11:30am

Nannies – Tuesday 8th November -9:30 to 11:30am

Parents Session: (30 minutes Zoom session)  : arranged according to parents’ preferences.

Your investment for this transformative Workshop Programme is $600USD/2200 AED

Early Bird discount of 200 AED for bookings made before midnight on February 7th.

Payment is via Paypal in USD via my SHOP, or EFT in AED.  Please message for details.

I am so looking forward to working with your family!