The greatest preparation for education is the study of oneself''

Dr Maria Montessori

A 6 month Journey of discovery and transformation:

Embodied parenting - embodied educating

A sacred container of deep respect and compassion; the Enriching Environments Embodied Parenting- Embodied Educating Programme is designed for Parents and Educators who are ready to be agents for change for a new world, for today’s children and future generations.

Bringing together the gifts of Montessori philosophy, the latest research on attachment, child development and neuroscience, embodied expression and spirituality, this Programme will guide us all on a journey of self-discovery- to find our true North, our power as we guide this new generation – these capable, compassionate contributors.

Diving deep into the 5 gifts of Embodied Parenting, we come together in ceremony every month with a 2 hour group Mentoring session harnessing the power and energy of the New Moon. 

As we travel through our journey together we use embodiment as our foundation: creativity, dance, music, movement, meditation, journalling – all which will reveal our gifts as our child’s first teacher.

Montessori Educator, Mentor Author, Speaker and Podcast Host; my invitation is for you to let me guide you in this space of collective rising.

During this Programme we will learn how to connect deeply with ourselves, and we hold each other as we lean into and learn from our triggers, heal generational patterns and transcend into the parent we want to be.

Beginning February 20th 2023, harnessing the power of the New Moon, we open our journey together with an initiation ceremony of celebration to set our intentions for our path ahead. 

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Through homework, a dedicated forum, support videos and tailored guidance, we will learn how to feel deeply into ourselves; to uncover understanding, wisdom and intuition that we had not realised was there.  Allowing us to better create the change that we wish to see in the world, our change from within,  the change in how we lead our children, and serve our communities.

Each gift of Embodied Parenting and Embodied Educating takes us deeper into understanding our children and understanding ourselves.  We honour the child within us and the child in front of us.

Pioneering, healing and transformative, this journey is an investment in our deepest hearts, and what we seek in our role as caregivers for the next generation.  The embodiment practices offered during each session are designed to become an integral part of your daily life.  They will be part of the joy and madness of your day, they are not embodiment practices that require us to be in a quiet room with no interruptions – as this isn’t practical when we are with children!

 The power in the embodiment practices will be twofold; the benefits for you as the caregiver, and the benefits for children as observers of you practicing them.  They will feel the power, presence and intention behind your rituals and the importance of these rituals will become part of who they are too.

Our Curriculum as we journey together with other Parents and Educators contains three distinct phases, each containing two journeys:


Journey 1 – February: Where have we come from and where are we going?

✓ Honouring the gifts given to us from our lineage; acknowledging the original keepers of the land on which we reside.

✓ Intention setting for our journey ahead over the six months together.

✓ Clearing space for the new, releasing what no longer serves us.

Journey 2 – March: Honouring our essence, honouring our child’s essence

Cultivating a deep sense of reverence for the wholeness that we are, and the wholeness that our child is.

✓ Releasing ourselves and our child from expectation.


Journey 3 – April: Connection as our foundation

✓ Attachment needs at each developmental stage that our child passes through.

✓ Our connection to ourselves and responsiveness to our own needs.

Poetry book and cup of tea on table
JOURNEY 4 – May: Emotional Expression

✓ The fullness of our emotional expression, the fullness of a child’s emotional expression.

✓ Dysregulation and Co-regulation

✓ Working with our triggers with love and compassion

JOURNEY 5 – June:  Our presence as our greatest gift to our child

✓ Being a human ‘being’ not a human ‘doing’

✓ Being present with our child, being present with ourselves.

JOURNEY 6 – July: Recognising the divinity within all of us.

✓ Holding ourselves as sacred as our child’s first teacher

✓ Honouring our connection with nature and our deepest needs around that

handmade mandala on wall in child's bedroom
Artwork on wall in children's bedroom

Our Monthly Programme together: 

✓ 2 hour Live online Journey with Charlotte and our group on the evening of the New Moon every month (see schedule below:

Each 2 hour journey includes:

✓ Meditation to open the space

✓  Intention setting ritual to prepare us for our month of learning

✓  Sharing circle and Q & A

✓ Child development and Montessori in the context of our topic for the month

✓ Journal prompts for reflection and introspection

✓ Embodiment practice to close the space

Ongoing development on our six month journey includes the following self-paced resources:

✓ Recordings of each Live Monthly Workshop

✓ Dedicated Facebook group with weekly video sharing prompts and  personalised guidance from Charlotte.

✓ Download of the opening meditation used in each Live Workshop

✓ 1 x 90 minute pre-recorded Workshop inviting deeper learnings around the monthly topic.

The 2 hour monthly Live New Moon Workshops will be on the following dates: ( all at 8:30pm Dubai time)

Monday 20th February

Tuesday 21st March

Thursday 20th April

Friday 19th May

Sunday 18th June

Monday 17th July

All Live Workshops are recorded and will be sent to all Programme students.

This Programme is for Parents and Educators seeking to expand and rise, moving beyond the function of caregiving and full embracing the truth that when we raise children, we also raise ourselves. Caregiving is a journey of overwhelm, joy, confusion and magic in equal measure.  My work is to teach you to trust yourself, listen to your heart ❤. Go within, honour yourself as your child’s first teacher. You have all the wisdom you need inside of yourself.

The time is now, trust yourself. Come into your body and find the spaciousness within. It will be my honour to guide you as we journey together this year.  We begin our 6 month journey with our first New Moon healing Workshop on Monday 20th February 2023 at 8:30pm Dubai time. 

The investment for this deeply healing 6 month journey is $2425 USD (8888 AED) for pay in full. The monthly payment plan is $425 USD per month (1,555 AED) for 6 months.

“Our approach is all about allowing children to be sensitive to the beauties of the world, and awakening their curiosity in the secrets of life.”

The Montessori Mission

A must-read for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of Montessori around the world, and for those looking to create an Enriching Environment using the Montessori approach to parenting and education.

The Montessori Mission: Diversity - Wisdom - Reflection Paperback
Charlotte Awdry

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