Young children in Montessori playroom
“I do not believe there is a method better than Montessori for making children sensitive to the beauties of the world and awakening their curiosity regarding the secrets of life.”
Gabriel García Marquez

Work in a way that suits you

I offer many ways to work with me – whether that be a group Workshop Online or in person, online Montessori at-home Training or a bespoke Mentoring Programme for you and your family. Learning about, and taking the Parent Enrichment approach with Enriching Environments allows you to step into all that you seek to be as a parent or caregiver; to step into your greatest truth and your highest values.  Enriching Environments is all about bringing Montessori into the home and making it a way of life.

Be the best you can be

Being the best we can be for our children is a deep internal journey as our children inhabit a world very different to the one we grew up in.  We, as parents and caregivers, are the foundations of our family, so we work on ourselves before we think about building the rest of the house!  The Enriching Environments Workshops, Teachings and Programmes focus on who you want to be as parents, looking at the values of your home, your guiding principles, all that is important to you both as partners, and as individuals.

Work with me in the following ways...

Family Mentoring Programme

My bespoke Family Mentoring Programme is tailored to your specific needs and areas for focus. In our discussions together we will uncover the right path for you, offering a holistic approach to bringing Montessori into the home, tailored to your personal journey.

The Personal Consultations are comprised as follows:

  • Name: 1-1 Family Mentoring Programmes
  • Sessions: 2 x 1.5 hours (two sessions spaced so as to maximise your learning – 3 hours 1-1 time in total) 
  • Journalling prompts, homework and parenting plan with worksheets to invite you deeper into your personal growth.
  • Ongoing follow up support via email or Whatsapp.
  • All Private Consultations can be conducted in your home or via video call.
  • Mentoring Programmes are bespoke family to family, book your free Discovery Call here to discuss your needs.


I host many Montessori at-home Workshops and Events that take place both online and in-person, usually in Dubai.  

Check my latest Montessori-at-home Workshops and Events here.

Online Training

My six-week online course, Introduction to Enriching Environments is an essential foundation for practising Montessori at home and an excellent refresher for those with previous Montessori knowledge. 

Let this  transformative online course, which includes Videos, Homework, Journalling prompts and downloadable Affirmations reconnect you with the joy of creating a Montessori Enriching Environment in your home.

"Charlotte, I love working with you. You really know what you’re talking about. You explain everything clearly, the whats and whys of doing things this way and not another. With your guidance, we applied Montessori principles at our home. From the toilet, through the living room, to the kitchen, you transformed our home. Sometimes it was just a small, simple change. Something I wouldn’t even think of, or would previously just dismiss, but then it turned out to be super impactful. Through the changes introduced our kids gained a lot of autonomy, which makes the tough job of parenting a bit easier. You’re very experienced, empathetic and share your knowledge generously. When we meet I always feel like I learn something valuable."