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Parenting can be a bewildering journey. From the very first moments that we discover we are expecting a child, we can feel a myriad of emotions.

In the early months and years of parenting, the focus is on all of the “stuff” we should buy for our children, and how we should decorate their nursery, but less about the optimum emotional environment for a young child.

At other times, we are doing our utmost to work on ourselves, live consciously and parent consciously but we are not able to access the information to find out how we should arrange our homes so as to give our children a fulfilling space in which to grow.

What is Parent Enrichment Mentoring?

Developed by myself, Charlotte Awdry, Founder of Enriching Environments and qualified Montessori Educator, Parent Enrichment Mentoring is based on the fundamentals of visionary educator Dr. Maria Montessori and how these principles can be applied in our own homes. 

The Enriching Environments approach to Parent Mentoring combines elements of the physical, emotional and spiritual environment to create a truly holistic and child-led approach to parenting.

My mission, is to make this approach accessible in the home environment for everyone.

Do you, as a parent or guardian, want to give your children the values and skills so they can contribute, collaborate and engage with the world around them?

Do you want your children to live a childhood of freedom that nourishes their souls and hearts, so that they will want to do the same for others

Do you want to support your children in appreciating the wonder and beauty of nature that is right on their doorstep, so that they will want to nurture the world around them?

If you answered yes to those, come and join me in a session or workshop, I’d love to help you create your very own Enriching Environment.

How can I access Parent Mentoring support?

I work with parents and caregivers in various ways, either on a 1-2-1 personal basis or in a group environment.

View our latest workshops and courses, book a 1-to-1 mentoring session or simply take a look at our blog section.

Not sure what’s right for you?

It can be daunting, and most of us don’t know where to begin, but you are on the right path just by landing on my website. Book a Discovery Call at your convenience so we can discuss your needs and find the right path for you in your journey towards applying Montessori-at-home.

Online Workshops (Live)

Live online workshops each one covering a different holistic parenting topic. Live Q & A. Check out our current calendar to browse for your area of interest.

On-demand Workshops

Online videos and meditations on-demand, ready for you to purchase and watch at your leisure. Lifetime access. Coming soon!

Bespoke Sessions

Truly personalised Parent Enrichment Experiences empowering you to develop your own enriching environment at home. Contact me to arrange.

Enriching Environments Live!

Benefit from the collective energy and wisdom of a group experience. Locations include Dubai, Cape Town, Delhi & Beirut. Check here to view all workshops.

“Our approach is all about allowing children to be sensitive to the beauties of the world, and awakening their curiosity in the secrets of life.”

The Montessori Mission

A must-read for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of Montessori around the world, and for those looking to create an Enriching Environment using the Montessori approach to parenting and education.

The Montessori Mission: Diversity - Wisdom - Reflection Paperback

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