Are you an Arabic speaking Montessori Educator who would like to serve the children of Gaza and their families by using your gifts as Montessorians?  We are an initiative who seek to bring the emotional safety, dignity and joy of Montessori practice to Gazan children. This initiative is delivered by Gazan Teachers, Parents and Caregivers through Learning Pods or Mobile Classrooms (location dependent) to serve children and families who have evacuated from Gaza. (Our on the ground projects for Mobile Education inside Gaza itself will begin as soon as is logistically possible.)

We need Arabic speaking Montessorians able to mentor and provide ongoing support to the Teachers, Parents and Caregivers who are the ‘Guides’ in our learning spaces. Your role as a Montessori Mentor would be either on the ground in your local area, or via online Weekly Mentoring.

The aims of this project include:

  • Providing high quality Montessori educational experiences offering a foundation of emotional safety, dignity and joy
  • Respect, self-determination and agency
  • Centreing Palestinian culture, language and identity
  • Hands-on experiental learning through Montessori practices
  • Nurturing safety and resilience through Mobile Education.

In the aftermath of conflict, Montessori Gaza stands as a beacon of hope, offering children a unique educational approach tailored to their needs. At its core lies the belief in hands-on learning and a sensory-based approach, recognizing the profound impact of trauma on young minds and the power of experiential education in fostering resilience and beginning a journey towards healing.

Please apply here to become a mentor (on the ground or online) to our Pod Leaders.

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Heal Palestine
“Montessori Gaza delivers accessible, high-quality early childhood services through Montessori mobile and static environments; nurturing children and families in safe environments while supporting physical and mental healing post-conflict.” The delivery of the Montessori Gaza Programme is a collaboration between Enriching Environments and Montessori on Wheels.  MOW is a revolutionary and liberatory approach to providing access to a Montessori Education for children and their families.  Montessori Gaza is under the sponsorship of HEAL Palestine‘s Education pillar. a grassroots humanitarian organisation taking a holistic approach to the rebuilding of Gaza and the children who live there.