Join the Raise Change Makers Institute for a first for the UAE: unique sustainability educational experiences for Elementary students

The Raise Change Makers Institute delivers transformative experiential learning opportunities, enabling students to see themselves as change makers, the architects of their own lives creating a more peaceful, just and healthier planet for everyone.

Our Programmes are engaging, technology driven and fun games centred around the themes of the UN sustainable development goals. The games are comprised of groups of tasks and challenges that students complete together as teams. All hands on deck for students to build, create, learn and problem solve together, all in service of the planet, and each other!

Based around the central themes and characters that they get to know and love in the Cyril the Squirrel Sustainability book series, a wide range of sustainability focused tasks are specifically designed for dynamic, curious learners keen to make a difference.

Enhanced collaboration, creativity and problem solving are the natural outcomes , as well as powerful sustainability messages that create an inspiring impactful experience for the next generation of change makers.

Give your students the gift of this unique opportunity with the Raise Change Makers Institute and Turnaround, the Middle East’s leading team development organisation.