Book Charlotte for your speaking event to engage, inspire and uplift Parents and Educators with a vision of raising capable, compassionate contributors for a more peaceful and harmonious world.

At her speaking appearances, Charlotte invites audiences into reframing their perspectives on children and childhood;  calling them into nourishing and nurturing children by following their natural path of development and honouring their potential. 

Every speech invites the audience on a journey of self-discovery as they access their intuition and inner wisdom; so they are clearer on their vision, values and priorities as Parents, Caregivers and Educators.

Corporate Wellness Programmes 

A Montessori Educator and Author with extensive experience in the field of education. Charlotte has been educating children for over a decade, helping them grow and develop into independent thinkers and problem solvers.

Passionate about helping individuals and organisations reach their full potential by promoting a holistic approach to wellness. Her expertise in Montessori education and her innovative approach to corporate wellness make her an ideal speaker for companies looking to promote a healthy and productive workplace culture through supporting parents and their families.

With her engaging speaking style, deep knowledge, and practical insights, Charlotte is sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience and inspire positive change in your organisation.

Montessori Educator, Speaker, Podcast Host, Author and Big Dreamer; Charlotte supports parents and Educators in their path of raising capable, caring, contributors, so that each of us can play our unique part in creating a more peaceful, just, and harmonious world for all.

Drawing on her personal journey and professional experience, Charlotte's work is underpinned by the work of Dr Maria Montessori, nurturing the natural development of each child; physical, emotional and spiritual.

For more 12 years as a Montessori Educator, Charlotte has served children and their families in the UK, South Africa and the UAE. Guiding parents in trusting their inner wisdom and honouring their sacredness as their child's first teacher.