'Nobody's free until everybody's free'

Fannie Lou Hamer

Here at Enriching Environments we are deeply passionate about contributing to a more peaceful, just and harmonious world for all, and our belief that one of the most powerful ways we can create this new world is through education.

As such, we are delighted to have the opportunity to serve in the following ways:


We offer 4 pro bono in-person or online Workshops per year for organisations in underserved Communities.  If you feel that your organisation might benefit from a bespoke Workshop to uplift and empower Parents and/or Educators in this way, please apply here.

Accessibility to Montessori Teacher Training

One of my personal Montessori Missions is to make Montessori qualifications available and accessible for every Educator, regardless of their location, language or financial circumstances.

Being based here in Dubai, my vision is for women of colour who are employed in Montessori settings in the UAE and across the GCC to have access to internationally recognised Montessori training opportunities for their Montessori Diplomas from Training Centres worldwide.

The goal of Enriching Upliftment is to bring this vision into fruition.

Through access to internationally recognised Montessori training, these women who are working overseas, away from their families, often for an unknown period of time, will gain qualifications that are relevant to the skills and experience they are acquiring from their work in a Montessori setting. 

The opportunity to access training has both immediate and long term benefits for these women, it ensures that they are not only uplifting the children in their current care, but also their communities when they return to their home countries where they may choose to create their own Montessori setting.

Through this Programme we have the opportunity to bring the richness of Montessori to all.

If you are a Montessori training college and you would like to partner with us to offer your quality, online Montessori training Programme as a scholarship to uplift future Montessori Educators then please get in touch through sayhello@enrichingenvironments.com 


20% of the profits from the Montessori Mission books is divided between these two organisations:  

The Keres Children’s Learning Centre is a not-for-profit educational organisation that supports Cochiti Pueblo children and families in maintaining, strengthening, and revitalising their heritage language of Keres. www.kclcmontessori.org

Montessori on Wheels is the move-forward in Montessori education. They are rooted in a revolutionary and liberatory approach to providing access to young children and their families a Montessori education. www.montessorionwheels.org

Join us in following, amplifying and contributing to these causes on your Enriching Environments Journey.