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Charlotte Awdry

Hi friends, I’m Charlotte!

Author, Montessori Educator, Speaker, Podcast Host and Big Dreamer, as the founder of Enriching Environments, my vision is to support Parents, Caregivers and Educators in the most important work any of us can ever do, raising children.

Passionate about raising humans to create a more peaceful and harmonious world, for 12 years I have been helping Parents, Caregivers and Educators bring joy, understanding and depth in their daily lives with children of all ages.

Seeking to nurture, capable, compassionate,  contributors, my work aims to draw out all that is within you to create environments that nourish the children in your care in mind, body and spirit. 

Eight years ago, when my daughter was just a few weeks old, I had a vision of writing a book about Montessori and the joy that it brings to children and parents alike.  Four years ago, I started Enriching Environments, a grassroots homeschooling project with other intrepid families who were curious about Montessori and what it could offer their family.  So from this seed of an idea in the newborn fog of a first child to working with dozens of families, and sharing my vision with the world, here we are today.  I am so delighted to walk with you on your parenting journey!

I am here to draw out the best version of yourself in your lives with children, and you can access my teachings in various ways such as; booking me for a speaking event, arranging bespoke 1-to-1 mentoring, buying my book on Kindle or in hard copy,  joining a workshop, registering for my 6-week online course, or simply taking a look at the articles and downloads on the website. Join me on Instagram where I also host weekly Lives and share videos and tips. Following my mantra of “keeping things simple, ordered, and beautiful” I guide you through the often bewildering territory of creating the perfect space for your child.

Having taught in London, Cape Town and Dubai, after qualifying from Montessori Centre International in London for my 3-6 Diploma and Cape Town for my 0-3 Assistants to Infancy Course; my home is Dubai,, where with my son and daughter I enjoy the year round sunshine, the beach, the desert and all things that make my heart sing.

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All our babies and children really need is an environment in which they can unfold; a place in which they can explore, follow their interests, and develop into capable human beings.”


Live workshops both online and in-person, developed to empower you to apply Montessori at home to create an Enriching Environment for you and your family. Check out our current calendar.

The Montessori Mission

10 Montessorians – 10 Questions – 10 Communities – 10 Perspectives

In this unique book, we talk to 10 different voices, perspectives and aspects of Montessori around the world, and the richness it brings in diverse Communities.

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1 to 1 Parent Mentoring

My Parent Mentoring Programmes are tailored to your specific needs, In our discussions together we will uncover the right path for you, offering a holistic approach to bringing Montessori into the home, tailored to your personal journey.


I host regular Montessori Parenting Workshops and Events both online and in-person, usually in Dubai. Check out our latest Montessori-at-home workshops and events here.

Online Training

New Six-week course, ‘Introduction to Enriching Environments’ – a Montessori at-home online course. Suitable for anyone who wants to explore or refresh themselves of the core principles of applying Montessori at home and Montessori Parenting, to create an Enriching Environment for their family.