Introducing the Raise Change Makers Journey

Join us to learn about this family-friendly, solution-focussed Sustainability Programme.

This is not your usual eco/green type of community where you’d learn  do’s and don’ts – It is much more than that. It is much more than sharing knowledge about sustainability.

It is also about raising children using a parenting philosophy that is scientifically proven, time tested and grows us into the best version of ourselves as Parents and Caregivers. It is about self-care, self-love and being a whole human. It is about connection to ourselves, connection to our children, the kind of mindfulness we need within before we could think about being mindful about our planet and the environment. It all starts within us, breaking those inner barriers so that our children grow up naturally seeing and experiencing the connection to the planet and humanity. It is a safe space to support conscious, high-quality bonding between parents and children while raising little change makers who care about all life on Earth. Charlotte from @enrichingenvironments and Ivana @ivybogbu have teamed up to create a comprehensive guide that combines our expertise, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools to raise future change makers who are kind to themselves, others, and the environment. 

Go to for your free guide on  Tips to Raise Change Makers.