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The Raise Change Makers Institute Programs for Elementary Educators equips teachers with essential tools for teaching sustainable development within their classrooms. 

Through a comprehensive curriculum, participants will delve into systems thinking methodologies, embrace the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework, cultivate conscious leadership skills, and master teaching techniques rooted in Montessori philosophy and child development principles. 

The program provides educators with practical lesson plans and resources, (including children’s books on SDGs),  and integrates mindfulness techniques that enhance teaching and personal growth. 

Through the training on systems thinking tools and team building exercises, the program also enables teachers to think in terms of “cross-curricular”, “cross-sectoral” paradigms and thereby infusing the new interdisciplinary learnings into their specific subjects.

By participating in our program, teachers gain confidence in cultivating sustainability values in their students, while nurturing their own journey towards becoming impactful educators and change agents. 


We assist Educators and Schools in adopting the sustainable development framework as a blueprint for their vision.  Delivered in-person or online in a series of interactive, informative and engaging Workshops, including tools and techniques that can be instantly used in the classroom setting.

The 5 Module Program has at its foundation mindfulness and Montessori philosophy for integrated learning, supporting children in seeing the interconnectedness of all life on earth through the SDGs.


Research shows that 86% of Educators do not feel confident in teaching about sustainability and the sustainable development goals to their students.

Sustainability is the fastest growing subject area in modern education, across all curriculums, being a compulsory subject for children aged 6-18 years in more than 100 countries worldwide.


A holistic approach to curriculum, focussing on the Educator’s personal growth, leading to the growth and learning of the children in their care.

Tailored Programs for Educators working with each developmental stage: Early Years, Lower and Upper Elementary and Secondary, bespoke Programs to deliver at each level.

Sustainability is often taught in silos, subject by subject: our Programs start with the Sustainable Development goals as a foundation, which seamlessly transitions across the curriculum into all subject areas.

See our sample curriculum below for more details.

Sample Curriculum for Lower Elementary Educators