Three young children reading a book with an adult

“Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements.”

Dr Maria Montessori

  • Children's playroom reading area with low bookshelf with book covers facing forward Enriching Environments for Piccolini (Toddlers)

    “We must clearly understand that when we give the child freedom and independence, we are giving freedom to a worker already braced for action, who cannot live without working and being active. “Dr Maria Montessori

  • Montessori children's playroom with child size cleaning materials and low bookshelf of books with covers facing forward How to Create an Enriching Environment

    We are seeking to create environments for our littlest people that offer them the joy and freedom of early childhood, with nourishment for their minds, bodies and souls. These are practical living spaces that work for our children, meaning that

  • Toddler painting with red and yellow paints on white paper Creativity in the young child

    Creativity with young children is a beautiful path of discovery for both you and them.

  • Three young children reading a book with an adult The Importance of Rich Language

    In an Enriching Environment we immerse our child in rich, expressive language from the start.

  • Preschooler sitting at table grinding pepper onto Vietnamese summer roll For the love of food!

    Involving your child in food preparation (when you have absolutely no time to do so)

  • Preschooler concentrating whilst reading book lying in her nap Giving children the tools they need to self regulate

    “​Compassion is by nature, peaceful and gentle, but it is also very powerful”Dalai LamaThe importance of the ​allowing of our children’s feelings, without denying, invalidating or suppressing them cannot be underestimated. We live in a highly stressed modern world with

  • Two and three year olds sitting around a table saying Grace before mealtime The Magic of Rhythm and Ritual

    The importance of establishing rhythm in our days and creating rituals around this rhythm cannot be underestimated.

  • Child's wardrobe with limited choice of clothing hanging up The Power of Respectful Communication

    Positive relationships are built from respectful communication.

  • Mandala on wall in child's playroom How to create a Spiritually Enriching Environment?

    We seek to have our homes as a Spiritually Enriching Environment, as much for ourselves as for our children. We seek to create a nourishing and soul-enriching place where the whole family can find calm and stillness, relaxation and fun,

  • Two year old seated at table doing sponge painting The Emotionally Enriching Environment

    In an Emotionally Enriching Environment, we give the gift of a childhood full of fun and lightness.

  • Children's bedroom with art on wall, low bookshelf and books with covers facing forward The Spiritually Enriching Environment

    A Spiritually Enriching Environment is one that nourishes a child in mind, body and spirit. It recognises our children as unique, divine beings with their own path to travel and challenges to overcome.

  • Preschooler laughing as she growls at animal figurine Humour and Playfulness

    Being with young children is exhilarating, illuminating and filled with joy.

  • Two young children sitting on grass making a bird feeder Supporting our child when they hit or bite

    For many parents, the Picolini (toddler) stage – from walking to 3 years old – is the most exciting; their little baby can now walk, run and climb, and fully explore the wonder and beauty of the world around them.

  • Wide view of child's bedroom The Rhythm of Bedtime

    The process of grounding and centering our child in preparation for a restful night for all of the family is as important as the practical arrangements for bedtime.

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