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The Spiritually Enriching Environment

“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you. And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.”

Khalil Gibran

A Spiritually Enriching Environment is one that nourishes a child in mind, body and spirit. It recognises our children as unique, divine beings with their own path to travel and challenges to overcome.  They are not extensions of our ego.

A Spiritually Enriching Environment honours this precious being that has come to us. Our children are already perfect, whole and complete. Our role is to guide them for the time that we are together with them. We recognise that our child has chosen us as parents for the lessons they are to learn in life, and our children have come to us to teach us too! 

A Spiritually Enriching Environment recognises that our babies and children are immensely capable, and that their journey towards becoming capable, contributing human beings starts from birth; it starts in the home environment

It recognises that when we are able to dive fully into the parenting experience with humility and respect, our children will teach us more than we can ever teach them. 

A Spiritually Enriching Environment acknowledges that being a parent will present us with challenges that we have never experienced before, and the depth of these challenges is a mirror of the profound joy, tenderness and love that we feel for our child. 

The most beautiful part of these challenges is that within them we will find depths of our own previously untapped inner strength, courage and resilience.

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Parenting offers us a unique opportunity for personal growth and development

A Spiritually Enriching Environment is one where we are able to dive into the fullness of this experience, seeing this as an opportunity like no other for our own personal growth and development as we grow and develop our child.

The creation of a Spiritually Enriching Environment is very much a personal journey and we begin this journey by asking ourselves what is meaningful in our lives and how we would like to convey that to our children.  

Five questions for reflection when seeking to create a Spiritually Enriching Environment:

  1. What messages is your child receiving about what is important in life from the way that you live?
  2. What is s/he learning about work and play, about self-care and fun, about rest and sleep?
  3. In what moments will you come together as a family? How will you mark these moments as special?
  4. Who do you want to be, as mothers, fathers, role models, guides, leaders, humans?
  5. What are your positive qualities that you wish to pass onto your children? And what about your less desirable qualities that you would rather they didn’t inherit?
handmade mandala on wall in child's bedroom

We can find our way on this path no matter where we are in our parenting journey, during pregnancy, with our first or third child, as toddlers or as teenagers.  Wherever we are on this journey we can stop, reset and set our intention to create a home environment that nourishes the soul of every family member. 

Having reflected on these questions, we can gather ideas on How to create a Spiritually Enriching Environment.

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