Understanding your Toddler! Two session in-depth Montessori Toddler Programme


Enriching Environments for one to three year olds: making sense of the world with your Toddler:

An in-depth and comprehensive Programme as a broad insight into the world of the often misunderstood toddler years. During these two in-person or online sessions each of 2 hours we will explore the main topics listed below.

Here’s what other families have said:

Working with Charlotte helped us understand our son’s evolving needs and offer a simple age appropriate environment in response. Meeting his particular needs and fueling his drive brought us some peace of mind and contentment. It also relieved some performance pressure on all of us !



Our curriculum for using Montessori principles to prepare our home environment for our Toddler :

    What Toddlers actually need (hint, it’s not lots of toys!)

    Preparation of the home environment for a Toddler in line with these needs. List of  suitable ‘shelf work’.

    Respectful communication and interaction, offering choices.  Developing self-discipline.

    How joy in the use of rich, expressive language through song, poetry and stories lays the foundations for your child to have clear and meaningful communication throughout their life.

    The vital role of unstructured, unscheduled free play.

    First hand experiences in nature as our child’s greatest classroom.

    What a Toddler really means when s/he shouts “no!”  Hitting, biting and other communication issues.

    The importance of free Creativity and how to offer this to a Toddler.

    Supporting our child with eating, dressing and toileting independently.

    Learning how to observe our child to understand them better.

✓ Understanding how the parenting we received as children influences our parenting style now.

✓ How to sift through the parenting practices that we received to find our own path in alignment with our core values; building on the practices that we feel served us well, and finding new ways of interacting which no longer align.

From more than a decade as a Montessori Educator, I draw upon my classroom experience from London, Cape Town and Dubai to create Parent Enrichment Programmes that serve families and meet them where they are,  Self-reflection, intuition and trusting in our inner wisdom are the lynchpins of being able to connect deeply with our children, regardless of their age.

During this extensive Programme you will be given a new perspective of children, childhood and parenting. A perspective that gives us the confidence to focus on what we can give to our children from our hearts, souls and minds.

A perspective of offering our children support for their natural development, allowing us to be able to see through the fog of consumerism, being able to observe our child as they are and meet them where they are.

This theme of support runs throughout Enriching Environments: as we offer our children the support they need, we are able to access our inner wisdom to see what support we, as parents, need.

Giving us a sense of quiet calm, confidence and joy in our parenting journey of self discovery.

Additional Resources:

✓ Homework and reflections to invite your personal growth as your new skills become part of your daily life at home.

✓ 4 hours of  Online Workshop time plus post Workshop support and accompanying resources.

All virtual sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend live or would like to rewatch (you’ll have lifetime access)

✓ Dedicated Forum with myself and other Workshop attendees for pre and ongoing post Workshop support and a shared Community experience.

Payment is via Paypal in USD via my SHOP, or EFT in AED.  Please message for details.

I’ll see you there!


Additional information

Course title

Enriching Environments for Mobile Babies

Child age focus

Crawling to three years old

Who is this course for?

Suitable for parents or caregivers of crawling to three year old children, or soon to be mobile babies.

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To be confirmed. It's a 90-minute session.