The Montessori Infant – Welcoming your New Baby – 90 minute Online Workshop for expectant and new parents


Enriching Environments for Expectant Parents & New Parents

  • How can I prepare my home for an infant using my heart, my mind and my soul?
  • How do I set the scene for an Enriching Environment from the start?
  • How can I support a gentle transition into the world?
  • How can I dive into enjoying the first few exquisite months of getting to know my child?

Child age focus: prenatal, newborn to crawling
Suitable for:
Expectant parents, Parents of newborns, Caregivers of newborns

In this 90 minute Online Workshop we will explore how by using Montessori principles, we can prepare our home environment for our newborn, which considers the physical, emotional, and spiritual preparation of our space and ourselves.


  1. Using Montessori principles to prepare our Enriching Environment for our infant:
  2. The physical, emotional, spiritual preparation of our space and ourselves.
  3. What do I REALLY need to buy? Preparing a diminished environment for your newborn in order to support them (and you!)
  4. 7 ways to nourish the natural development of your child from her earliest days.


‘Movement is the key to all learning’

  • The importance of unhindered movement in the early years.
  • How you can set up a home environment that promotes freedom of movement, from the first days of life.
  • How the environment can then evolve as the infant progresses towards freedom of movement in crawling, and then walking.


  • ‘The ability to communicate evolves from the first days of life’
  • How parents and caregivers can engage in conscious interaction with their young child, understanding the subtle communication cues given by the child.
  • How the child can be marinated in rich, expressive language from birth through song, poetry, stories and the quality of the language spoken by the adult.

The outcome: confidence in our inner wisdom

During this workshop, you will be given a new perspective of children, childhood, and parenting. A perspective that gives us the confidence to focus on what we can give to our children from our hearts, souls, and minds.

A perspective of offering our children support for their natural development, allowing us to be able to see through the fog of consumerism, being able to observe our child as they are, and meet them where they are.

This theme of support runs throughout Enriching Environments: as we offer our children the support they need, we are able to access our inner wisdom to see what support we, as parents, need.

Giving us a sense of quiet calm, confidence, and joy in our parenting journey of self-discovery.

(All sessions will be recorded if you are not able to join us on the day)

Looking forward to seeing you then!

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Additional information

Course title

Enriching Environments for Expectant & New Parents

Child age focus

Newborn to crawling.

Who is this course for?

Suitable for expectant parents or parents with newborns up to crawling. Also suitable for caregivers who are involved in newborn care.

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Date, Time & Duration

To be confirmed. It's a 90-minute session.