Baby & Me for Expectant Parents – A 4 session Programme


Forget the gadgets and baby ‘stuff’; in this transformative online Montessori Parenting Programme for expectant Parents I invite you into the following:

βœ“ Cultivating a ‘Montessori mindset’ from the start

βœ“ Preparing the home for an infant using your heart, your mind and your soul.

βœ“ Seeing beyond the fog of consumerism; creating a Montessori home with intention and integrity

βœ“ Supporting a gentle transition into the world.

βœ“ Diving into enjoying the first few exquisite months of getting to know your baby.

βœ“ Building Community with like-minded Parents on their journey.

I’m Charlotte, and this is a unique opportunity to work with me in an intimate Parent Mentoring setting. During this Programme we will travel the prenatal Journey of learning together, as I did ten years ago when I was pregnant with my first child.

4 x 90 minute sessions online on demand.

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Our Curriculum together:

Week 1 : Following your child’s natural path of development:

βœ“ How to support your baby’s cognitive, language, physical

and emotional development during pregnancy

βœ“ What do I really need to buy?

Week 2 : Your babymoon:

βœ“ Reducing overwhelm, finding joy in the early weeks & months

βœ“ Simple practices to support baby and parents as you transition from the third to the fourth trimester (in the home, out and about, returning to work)

Week 3 : Ritual, rhythm and ceremony:

βœ“ Adjusting our bodies, hearts and minds to the rebirthing that take places within us as we are born as parents

βœ“ Simple, at-home practices for grounding, courage and heart-opening

Week 4 : Parenting as a spiritual journey:

βœ“ Preparing for the emotional and spiritual growth that comes with being a parent

βœ“ Journalling, inner child work, meditations

I’m Charlotte, and this is a unique opportunity for you to work with me Parent Mentoring setting. During this Programme we will travel the fourth trimester Journey of learning together, as I did almost ten years ago with my first child.

Child Development Expert and Montessori Educator for 13 years; I work with Parents just like you, supporting you with the most important work of your lives; raising the next generation; so that you can navigate the joy and overwhelm of parenting with grace and ease.

Your investment for this transformative 4 session prenatal Programme is $199 per head (total for 4 sessions)