Montessori Mealtimes – Food, Eating and Cooking with Young Children – 90 Minute Online Workshop


Date & Time: Monday 24th October at 11:30am Dubai time (8:30am UK time)

  • Who it will benefit : All parents and caregivers of young children to six years old,
  • What we will cover :

This transformative 90 Minute Workshop will change the way you see your child’s relationship with food.  We will begin with a short, guided meditation, to set the scene for our shared learning journey in the container of the Workshop.

During our time together we will unpick what these power struggles mean and how we can support our children in developing a lifelong passion for food. It’s not really about the food, it’s about the experience. ❤️


Here are our main topics for our 90 Minute Online Session to foster a love of food:

✓ The importance of involving your child in food preparation. 🔪

✓ The importance of preparing a kitchen space so that your child can access the child sized tools s/he needs at her height, to be able to prepare her own snack, and lay the table for mealtimes. 👨🏾‍🍳👩🏼‍🍳 

✓ Allowing your child to come to the table when s/he is ready to eat, and leave the table when s/he is finished – your child can be completely independent in their decision to eat or not. 🤯

✓ Why bowls and glasses are wooden, glass or ceramic instead of plastic. 🍽️

✓ Why water is served in a tiny glass (no sippy cups or plastic beakers). 

✓ Why the emphasis is upon your child’s full sensorial experience of the joy of eating, not on how much they are eating or how they are getting it into their mouths! 😉

✓ Why they feed themselves, either with their hands or a spoon/fork. (why an adult does not feed a child). ❤️

✓ How your child decides how, and how much they want to eat. 

✓ What to do when your child shrieks “I don’t like this” at supper time and you end up feeling like a restaurant chef, suggesting option after option in a bid to persuade your child to eat. 😬

✓ Or on the other end of this exhausting spectrum , we draw a firm boundary around what to offer at mealtimes and then are wracked with guilt about our child possibly feeling hungry during the night and what it says about us if we are depriving them of food. 😵

Join me Monday 24th October 11:30am Dubai time (8:30am UK time) for this insightful and empowering 90 minute online Workshop about food, eating and Montessori mealtimes: power struggles, picky eaters and slow eaters. 

Workshop Investment fee $68 USD. 

Looking forward to seeing you all there!