Montessori Conscious Parenting Programme for Couples


  1. Join me,  Charlotte Awdry, Montessori Educator, Parenting Mentor and Author – for a beautiful journey of self-discovery as we dive into Montessori Conscious Parenting for this in depth two session Programme – which offers us the opportunity to see our children as our teachers, not the other way round.

Montessori Conscious Parenting invites us to speak, to think and to act in a mindful way, to ourselves, to our children, and all those we come into contact with, following the three key Montessori principles of respecting ourselves, others and the environment.

Montessori offers us the gift of being able to contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world.

With a focus on connection, simplicity and healing;  we seek to remove any barriers that we have to fully seeing and accepting our children as they are, not how we want them to be.

Within this process of accepting the path that our children are here to teach us, we have the opportunity for immense growth and transformation, healing generational patterns of hurt.



Our curriculum as we journey together:

Session 1: The Foundation:

The physical, emotional and spiritual environments at home, how these entwine for the holistic development of our children.

Connection as our parenting foundation.

Radical self-compassion on our spiritual journey.

✓ Managing unrealistic expectations of us being the ‘perfect’ parent.

Session 2: Allowing our children to step into their power:

Respectful Communication (positive discipline, collaborative conflict resolution, intrinsic motivation versus rewards/punishments).

Creating feelings of safety in our body so we can ‘allow’ our children to be who they are, experience life through their lens without our expectations (spoken or unspoken).

Identifying, leaning in to and honouring triggers.

Trust in ourselves and our children.  

  1. All the details:

Session 1:

2 hours Live online Workshop

Session 2:

2 hours Live online Workshop

Additional Resources:

✓ Homework and reflections to invite your personal growth as your new skills become part of your daily life at home.

✓ 4 hours of live Workshop time plus post Workshop support and accompanying resources.

All virtual sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend live or would like to rewatch (you’ll have lifetime access)

✓ Dedicated Whatsapp with myself and other Workshop attendees for pre and ongoing post Workshop support and a shared Community experience.


Payment in USD online or EFT bank transfer.  Please contact for details.