The Montessori Mission Podcast - 10 Questions for Aziza Osman - Hosted by Enriching Environments

Aziza Osman – The Montessori Mission Podcast

The Montessori Mission
10 Montessorians – 10 Questions – 10 Communities – 10 Perspectives
Hosted by: Charlotte Awdry, Montessori Trainer, founder of Enriching Environments & mother of two

Welcome to ‘The Montessori Mission’ podcast, today we talk to Aziza Osman Founder & CEO at Montiplay.

Hosted by myself, Charlotte Awdry, my mission is to show 10 different voices, perspectives and aspects of Montessori around the world, and the richness it brings in diverse Communities.

Aziza Osman is a human development professional with ten years of experience of designing technology aimed at providing easy access to Montessori education. Aziza also holds a Masters in Public Administration specializing in early childhood education policy and migration.

She founded Montiplay, a company that provides parents access to the unique and powerful learning method, Montessori, right from home by delivering the tools and guidance they need at every developmental stage. Montiplays’ mission is to provide access to education for every child, especially those less fortunate and those in marginalised communities. They want to help provide refugee children with a safe and stable learning environment amidst this chaos, each purchase from Montiplay helps provide for a child less fortunate.



More about Aziza Osman

Find out more about Aziza Osman – Montiplay website | | @montiplay

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