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Barbara Isaacs – The Montessori Mission Podcast

The Montessori Mission
10 Montessorians – 10 Questions – 10 Communities – 10 Perspectives
Hosted by: Charlotte Awdry, Montessori Trainer, founder of Enriching Environments & mother of two

Welcome to ‘The Montessori Mission’ podcast, today we talk to Barbara Isaacs, President of Montessori Europe and co-founder of Montessori Musings.

Hosted by myself, Charlotte Awdry, my mission is to show 10 different voices, perspectives and aspects of Montessori around the world, and the richness it brings in diverse Communities.

In this Episode of the Montessori Mission podcast, I talk to Barbara Isaacs, President of Montessori Europe and co-founder of Montessori Musings.

Born in Czechia and living in the UK for more than 50 years Barbara has spent the last 35 years working with Montessori students and the Montessori academic faculty at St. Nicholas, London Montessori Centre and Montessori Centre International. She has had the privilege of running a nursery school, training Montessori teachers, leading a team of knowledgeable and dedicated Montessori colleagues in developing new courses, publishing a magazine, organising conferences, representing Montessori at government and international level. She has written articles and a couple of books. Her two children, and more recently her two granddaughters, have also benefited from what she has gained from all these professional and personal experiences.

In her role as the President of Montessori Europe and co-founder of Montessori Musings, she hopes to encourage the current and new generation of early years educators in searching for the essence of childhood by helping them nurture the joy of play and learning, trust and respect for all children and communities, and care and love for the riches of our beautiful planet. Together with a friend Barbara publishes the Montessori Granny blog and contributes to My Montessori Life podcasts.



More about Barbara Isaacs

Find out more about Barbara Isaacs – Montessori Musings, @MontessoriMusingsUK, Montessori Granny

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