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Pilar Bewley – The Montessori Mission Podcast

The Montessori Mission
10 Montessorians – 10 Questions – 10 Communities – 10 Perspectives
Hosted by: Charlotte Awdry, Montessori Trainer, founder of Enriching Environments & mother of two

Welcome to ‘The Montessori Mission’ podcast, today we talk to Pilar Bewley Founder of Mainly Montessori.

Hosted by myself, Charlotte Awdry, my mission is to show 10 different voices, perspectives and aspects of Montessori around the world, and the richness it brings in diverse Communities.

Pilar Bewley, founder of Mainly Montessori and former Montessori child herself. Pilar is a homeschool mentor and Montessori advocate. She created Mainly Montessori to support homeschooling parents, because she believes that Montessori can help parents raise lifelong learners.



More about Pilar Bewley

Pilar Bewley is a mompreneur, homeschool mentor, and Montessori advocate. She was born in Mexico, and spent her childhood traveling between Mexico and the United States. She holds AMI certifications for ages 3-12, a Master’s degree in Montessori education, Positive Discipline parent and classroom certifications, and the Orff Schulwerk I diploma.

For over a decade, Pilar worked in Montessori classrooms and blogged extensively about Montessori in real life. She left the classroom to homeschool her two children at the end of 2018. Then in May 2020, Pilar created to provide resources and support for homeschooling parents.

Pilar lives with her children and husband in the backcountry of San Diego.

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