Montessori Babies – Episode 7 – Season 2 – The Enriching Environments Podcast

Thank you for joining me! In this session we covered:

πŸ’š What is different about the Montessori approach to babies, which begins from learning about the Human Tendencies.

❀️ Offering freedom of movement from the very first days of life. (sounds crazy right?!).

πŸ’› The beauty of offering a diminished environment to allow a baby to unfold in alignment with their natural development.

πŸ’— How we can move from a position of wanting to contain babies, to respecting them, and seeing how capable they are.

🧑 When we observe to meet them where they are, then we can follow their natural path of development joyfully.

“The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth”

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