How can I hold boundaries and parent gently? – Episode 6 -Season 2 – The Enriching Environments Podcast

Thank you for taking the time to be here! In this Live we explored this brilliant follower question: How can I hold boundaries and parent gently?

This question took us down many paths and many trains of thought. We had some great engagement from viewers and it really was a deep dive into:

✓Gentle parenting

✓Connection as our guiding light in the adult/child relationship.

✓How consistency, predictability and routine/rhythm create a sense of safety.

✓How and why young children push against our boundaries.

✓Placing ourself in our child’s shoes and tending to our own inner child.

✓How our own wounds will trigger unwanted reactions from us in the heat of the moment.

✓The “energy” and spaciousness that we are seeking to create around our parenting and our interactions with our child.

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