❤ Non-violent communication (or giraffe language) with children ❤ Episode 5 – Season 2 – The Enriching Environments Podcast

Top Tip Tuesday Masterclass: ❤ Non-violent communication (or giraffe language) with children ❤

During this session we discussed non-violent communication, how, and why we practise it.

How learning this language of life improves communication, invites us into listening and speaking from the heart, and being with each other with presence and understanding.

Giraffes have the largest hearts of any land animals, so non-violent communication for children calls upon them (and us) to step into being as big-hearted as giraffes. ❤️🦒

We discussed examples of bringing non-violent communication into our homes and Communities as the foundation of the adult-child relationship; expressing needs and listening to others needs.

I highly recommend the book by Marshall B Rosenberg – Non Violent Communication, a language of life. https://a.co/d/hGMezmW

Non-violent communication offers a level of consciousness whereby people feel seen and heard; restoring care and connection in our families, classrooms, groups and communities. 🙏🏽😍

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