Family Mentoring Programme (1:1 Parent Coaching at Home or Online)


Working with me 1-1 is for any Parent or other Primary Caregiver passionate about following the natural development of your child and expanding your heart to the inner work that calls all of us as we seek to heal generational patterns.

These bespoke Enriching Environments allows you to step into all that you seek to be as a parent; to step into your greatest truth and your highest values.

Being the best we can be for our children is a deep internal journey as our children inhabit a world very different to the one we grew up in.  We, as parents, are the foundations of our family, so we work on ourselves before we think about building the rest of the house!

Our bespoke sessions focus on who you want to be as parents, looking at the values of your home, your guiding principles, all that is important to you both as partners, and as individuals.

These Family Mentoring Programmes are an in-depth 8 week Programme of self-reflection, learning and discovery.  Sessions available in your home or online.


Your Mentoring Programme will be tailored to your specific needs, and my question is: what are your needs?

Raising children as contributors rather than consumers is a conscious decision, and is a path that increasing numbers of parents are taking. Looking at our unconscious biases so that we do not project them onto our children is powerful work.  Dismantling our old ways of thinking and being so that future generations can live in a freer and more equal world calls for our absolute attention and passion.

Would you like to work on the fine details of preparing your home as an Enriching Environment that is an alignment with your values, or cultivate your parenting style and develop tools to enable you to grow and learn from your child as they learn from you?

Or perhaps specific coaching on developmental stages/ages where you feel you have lost your connection with your child?

In our discussions together we will uncover the right path for you, offering a holistic approach, tailored to your personal journey.

I feel so excited and honoured to be guiding you on your path.

In love and service,


In this deeply transformative eight week immersive Programme we’ll have four 75 minute calls, weekly Homework, meditations and journalling prompts, a reading list and Whatsapp support for all of your questions.

We’ll get to know each other in our initial 30 minute Zoom consultation.  After this session I will know how to best serve you and your family’s needs.

Your investment for this transformative Family Mentoring Programme is 995 AED