Introduction to Enriching Environments (6 week course)

Hello there intrepid Parent!

This 6-week course is an invitation into the world of Montessori Living; the essentials of how you can create an Enriching Environment in your home during the early years. For babies, Piccolini (toddlers) and pre-schoolers.

Each module is released weekly, so you have 7 days to absorb each module, do the homework, and practice the affirmation. As you go through these modules, week by week, you will learn new skills and begin to access your inner wisdom as you travel through the modules.

You have lifetime access to the course so once you have completed the full 6 modules you can dip in and out whenever you like. Each module has 15-30 min video, homework, and an affirmation.

Don't hesitate to join the forum if you would like support on your journey.



Module 1 Module 1 - Introduction
Unit 1 Module 1, Video  
Unit 2 Module 1, Homework  
Unit 3 Module 1, Affirmation  
Module 2 Module 2 - Simple, Ordered, Accessible and Beautiful
Unit 1 Module 2, Video  
Unit 2 Module 2, Homework  
Unit 3 Module 2, Affirmation  
Module 3 Module 3 - Free play, movement and exploration
Unit 1 Module 3, Video  
Unit 2 Module 3, Homework  
Unit 3 Module 3, Affirmation  
Module 4 Module 4 - Simple choices and self-discipline
Unit 1 Module 4 - Video  
Unit 2 Module 4, Homework  
Unit 3 Module 4, Affirmation  
Module 5 Module 5 - Rich Language
Unit 1 Module 5 - Video  
Unit 2 Module 5, Homework  
Unit 3 Module 5, Affirmation  
Module 6 Module 6 - Round up
Unit 1 Module 6, Affirmation  
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