Introduction to Enriching Environments – Mentoring Programme

Hello intrepid Parent,

My Mentoring Programme, is an introduction to the world of Montessori Parenting, and how you bring these wonderful teachings into your everyday home life. It will provide you with the essentials of how you can create an Enriching Environment in your home during the early childhood years. It runs for 6 weeks and each week I will run a live workshop where you, myself and the other mentees will absorb, discuss and share our thoughts on each module.

How it works:

  1. START – We all start the Mentoring Programme together.
  2. SIX MODULES, OVER 6 WEEKS – We dive into one module each week.
  3. LIVE WEEKLY SESSION – Each week you can join a Live online session with me, Charlotte Awdry, Montessori teacher and mother, and the other mentees.
  4. During the Live session, I will guide you through the weekly module, homework, affirmation and have a Q & A session.
  5. These sessions will be recorded so you’ll be able to dip back in and out of the wisdom in these sessions indefinitely.

After the six-week course, you’ll be able to access the course material forever.

It’s a learning, growing and developing journey shared together, and I can’t wait to share this journey with you.



Module 1 Module 1 - Introduction
Unit 1 Module 1, Video  
Unit 2 Module 1, Affirmation  
Unit 3 Module 1, Homework  
Module 2 Module 2 - Simple, Ordered, Accessible and Beautiful
Unit 1 Module 2, Affirmation  
Unit 2 Module 2, Homework  
Unit 3 Module 2, Video  
Module 3 Module 3 - Free play, movement and exploration
Unit 1 Module 3, Affirmation  
Unit 2 Module 3, Homework  
Unit 3 Module 3, Video  
Module 4 Module 4 - Simple choices and self-discipline
Unit 1 Module 4 - Video  
Unit 2 Module 4, Homework  
Unit 3 Module 4, Affirmation  
Module 5 Module 5 - Rich Language
Unit 1 Module 5 - Video  
Unit 2 Module 5, Homework  
Unit 3 Module 5, Affirmation  
Module 6 Module 6 - Round up
Unit 1 Module 6, Affirmation  
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