The magic in non-correction πŸ’– Episode 3 – Season 2 – The Enriching Environments Podcast

Have you felt the magic that is created when you do not correct your child?

Episode 3 – Season 2

Thank you all for joining me for this Top Tip Tuesday Masterclass:

During this session we found the magic in non-correction:

Recognising that our child needs to experience the world in their own time, in their own way, a way that follows their natural development is a cornerstone of Montessori philosophy.Β 

This ‘recognising’ extends to not correcting our child when they get something ‘wrong’.

It can almost be a reflex action for us, this impulse to correct them, and yet, it is so rewarding when we don’t, and we give them the freedom to work things out themselves.

We discussed how hard it can be, and feel very uncomfortable) to NOT correct when our child wears their shoes on opposite feet, wears their T shirt back to front or writes letters/numbers back to front or upside down.Β 

Our conditioning, our own friendliness with error and cultural norms all contribute to how we feel and react when our urge is to correct.

Our invitation is to be there and witness, really see what our child has accomplished in the moment.Β  When our children are given space and time to unfold they are immensely powerful .

Not correcting asks us to trust that “when the child is ready she will do it properly”.

It is important for us to honour their path, their learning journey, and their ‘mistakes’.

As always, the energy that we bring to any interaction with our children is more potent that finding the right words/script to say. Β  A warm smile and noticing our child’s body language is open, joyful and proud when they have achieved something is enough.

Let me know that you took from this session, and I look forward to seeing youΒ 

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