Cyril’s Kindness Crew – How do we heal and teach the world?


Book 2 in the series Raising Change Makers with Cyril:

Amidst a world of chaos and challenge, can we make a difference through the education of
our children?
Cyril’s Kindness Crew: How Do We Heal and Teach the World? is a must-have for parents and

As you turn the pages of this transformative book, your child will discover:
✓ Vital lessons on sustainability with a focus on health, education and compassion
towards oneself.
✓ The complexities of global inequalities and the power of education as a force for
✓ Interactive discussions that spark curiosity, empathy, and critical thinking.
✓ Empowering messages that inspire young hearts to heal, teach, and believe in their
ability to create a brighter world.



About Ivy:

With extensive background in sustainability and experience in addressing critical global challenges with the United Nations, my passion lies in bridging the gap between lofty sustainability goals and individual actions.

To fill in the gap in the literature and inspire young learners, I’ve authored and published an engaging children’s book series “Raising Change Makers with Cyril.” I wished to create books that break down complex sustainability concepts into captivating stories, encouraging critical thinking and activism in young readers.

Beyond literature, I am a co-founder of the Raise Change Makers Institute, where we have developed programs for school educators and leaders aimed at empowering them to confidently model and teach about sustainable development. Our programs take a holistic approach, incorporating systems thinking tools, Montessori philosophy, mindfulness, and conscious leadership tools, with the well-being of students and educators at the core of our framework. My books are an integral part of the program.