Understanding your Toddler and their behaviour ! – 60 minute Online Workshop


  • Date & Time: Sunday 19th September at 9:30am GST
  • Who it will benefit : All parents and caregivers of 1 to 3 year olds
  • What we will cover :


We’ll begin our 60 minute online Workshop we’ll begin with a short, guided mediation to look after ourselves first! And then we’ll dive into how to direct the incredible energy and passion of your Toddler, .


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Decoding your Toddler the Montessori Way!

During this fun and informative 60 Minute Online Workshop we’ll cover:


✓ One of the many things I love about Toddlers is how industrious they are! How to honour and channel their infectious energy and passion for life.

The importance of unhindered movement in the early years, and how this helps a toddler with emotional regulation.

✓ How to set up your home environment so as to promote freedom of movement.

Independence and Behaviour:

✓ Hitting, biting, hair pulling, pushing – normal toddler behaviour and how to handle it. 

✓ Supporting our child with eating, dressing and toileting independently.

✓ Offering choices to limit power struggles

✓ What a Toddler really means when s/he shouts “no!”.


✓ What activities to offer to your Toddler at home (they love cleaning!

✓ Which toys work best, offering Creativity and Music. 


Sunday 19h September at 9:30am GST

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