Emotional Regulation in Young Children – 90 minute Online Workshop


  • Date & Time: Saturday 31st July – 3pm UK time (6pm GST)
  • Who it will benefit : All parents and caregivers of young children to six years old, however the techniques learned will apply to all children!
  • What we will cover :

During this transformative Online Workshop we will begin with a short, guided meditation, to ground and calm ourselves, to give ourselves a moment of peace in our busy lives.

✓ Why emotional regulation is so crucial.

✓ Why our child is not being naughty or manipulative when they are having a tantrum, it’s just their brain!

✓ What is going on in a child’s brain and body during an upset.

✓ How to connect them to the feelings and sensations inside their bodies when they are upset.

✓ Why connection teaches more about emotional regulation than punishment or timeouts.

✓ How to do it, what to say, how to role model. It’s pretty simple for all ages!

✓ Teach your children the real “life skills that you didn’t learn in school!”

I am so looking forward to seeing you there!

Workshop Weekend Special: This weekend your investment for this transformative Online Workshop is only $50 USD!

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Date & Time:  Saturday 31st July – 3pm UK time (6pm GST)

A recording will be made available for those not able to attend Live.