Creating Emotional Safety in Young Children – 90 Minute Online Workshop


In this first Workshop we focus on Creating Emotional Safety. Since the arrival of a global pandemic in early 2020 we have come to realise that there is little security we can offer our children by way of a certain future, career path, standard of living or salary expectations. he world has changed exponentially in the past 18 months, and in reality, Emotional Safety from a parent or caregiver to a child is the only thing we can offer security around. 

During our time together we will look at Creating Emotional Safety for even very young children, and you will learn priceless techniques for this in three fascinating ways:

✓ Through the environment 

✓ Through our method of communication 

✓ Through our felt presence 

So, join me Friday 21st May at 11am GST for a 90 minute Online Workshop Workshop that will change your understanding of how love shapes a baby’s brain, and how we can provide Emotional Safety in the most simple, yet profound ways. 

Workshop investment fee $68 individually – 150 USD for all three Workshops on Emotional Development.

Workshop 2 is Emotional Regulation for Young Children and Workshop 3 is Emotional Regulation for Parents and Caregivers.



Workshop 1 of a special three part series on Emotional Development in Children.  These transformative 90 minute Online Workshops uncover invaluable insights to further our understanding of the emotional needs of our children.