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Enriching Environments for Parents and Caregivers:

During this online Workshop on the ‘Enrichment Environments for Parents & Caregivers’, we focussed on how we can support our children with their big feelings during intense/challenging times.

During this online session we shine the light of compassion on ourselves and our feelings of groundlessness and overwhelm.

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SUITABLE FOR: Parents and caregivers

What will we cover?

This online Workshop will give parents deliverable techniques to practise during this time (and in the future), including:

✓understand some of the reasons why we are triggered by our children’s normal childlike behaviours.

✓build our resilience and compassion when we already feel overwhelmed and out of control.

✓understand how our responses to challenging times are a gift for us to grow profound and deep connections with our children. (The strongest connections of trust and respect are grown during tough times, not the easy times).

✓how we can create an emotional anchor so as to soothe ourselves when everything feels out of control.

✓how we can model self-compassion during tough times (one of the most valuable lessons we can teach our children).

In addition to covering the topics above, there will be plenty of time at the end to answer specific questions.

Do forward me questions in advance so we can maximise our time together.

Session details: This online session is for 2 hours.

Workshop fee:

Your investment for this transformative parenting Workshop is 99 AED.

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