To stimulate life; leaving it free, however, to unfold itself
-that is the first duty of the Educator

Dr Maria Montessori

Work with me if you are a...

Montessori Educator

Choosing a path of being a classroom or home Montessori Educator is one with the potential of profound personal transformation through the elevation of children, and of ourselves.

I strongly believe that each of us are called to this work, to Montessori to discover, to unfold into the truest highest version of ourselves, to heal our deepest wounds. In this work we raise up children but we also raise up ourselves. Guiding in the Montessori sense is serving children, but also it serves us.

Montessori is a pathway to a more peaceful and harmonious world, and this begins with us, guiding each child in our care to be capable, compassionate contributors. Our journey into self, the Spiritual Preparation of the adult, takes us far deeper than the materials ever can.

Through our observations in the classroom we learn about each child and ourselves, when we open to the vulnerability we experience when we open our hearts in love, trust, and respect of the child in front of us and the child within us.

Through my Educator Mentoring Programmes I seek to create containers of growth that inspire classroom and home Educators by inviting them into deeper growth, self-knowledge and service.

I invite you to join me on this journey into self. Through Montessori philosophy, classroom experience, embodiment and honouring of our inner wisdom, together we nourish each other, challenge each other and call each other into deeper service in our classrooms and Communities.

Working with me is for you if you are:

An Educator (Montessori or other) looking to ground your practice, connect deeply with your team and the children in your homeschool or classroom, allowing the soul of each child to unfold. Expanding your heart to the inner work that calls all of us as we seek to heal generational patterns.

A Homeschooling group/Coop seeking guidance on preparing nourishing spaces for several children and growing together with like-minded families passionate about following the natural development of children.

A school or Early Childhood Centre dedicated to serving the children in your care in their evolution towards autonomy and self-direction, whilst cultivating a loyal Parent Community and empowering team members.

“Our approach is all about allowing children to be sensitive to the beauties of the world, and awakening their curiosity in the secrets of life.”

The Montessori Mission

A must-read for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of Montessori around the world, and for those looking to create an Enriching Environment using the Montessori approach to parenting and education.

The Montessori Mission: Diversity - Wisdom - Reflection Paperback
Charlotte Awdry

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