Enriching Environments Affirmation for Making your Home accessible

Affirmation Download: Making your home accessible

This Enriching Environments Affirmation is all about making your home accessible to your child. Complete the form below to download, and read the full post for some easy steps to follow.

Enriching Environment Affirmation about creating the right environment
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    Why this particular affirmation?

    This affirmation will support you in being able to view your home environment through the eyes of your child.

    It will give you the confidence to start observing your child from a different perspective; as a capable human being to be supported and guided.
    It will draw your attention to observing your child at work/play and then noticing what needs to be added or removed to make the environment as accessible as possible.

    Immerse yourself in this journey of learning with your child!

    Steps to help you to practice ‘Making your home accessible’

    1. Start to look at your environment with a child’s eye. Sit on the floor and observe what will be in her eyeline if she is an infant, toddler or 3-6 year old.
    2. Keeping her items within her reach, height, and eyeline will give her what she needs at her fingertips, so she can get on with the business of growing into her full abilities without having to ask you all the time for objects to work with.
    3. Dedicate two shelves in the communal area as the child’s space. One shelf should have no more than three toys on it. All other toys can be arranged away out of sight in a cupboard.
    4. The second shelf should be real ‘work’: a basket of washable cloths for spills, dustpan and brush, spray bottle with water, broom and mop. (Buy normal sized brooms and mops and cut them down to child size).
    5. Books should be displayed with the cover facing forwards so as to attract the child’s attention. Books should have rich language, words, poetry, rhyme and/or beautiful illustrations.

    What is it about affirmations anyway?

    An affirmation is usually a sentence or phrase that you repeat regularly to make a formal declaration to yourself and the universe of your intention for it to be the truth. Affirmations work when they are repeated regularly and consistently.

    This repetition builds new neural pathways in the brain, so over time, we can intentionally change our thoughts, self-talk and responses.