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We have lots of great free content in various places online, below are what we have at this time. 

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free montessori video content on cloud hoods

Cloudhoods Video series on Montessori Living

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Cloudhoods, who provides mums with tips & advice on the journey of motherhood collated from real mums, contributors & experts in the UAE. We are delivering a series of six educational videos that show you how you can bring the joy of Montessori living into your home. Join us there to get a taste of how you can build an enriching environment. 

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free Montessori instagram live

Top Tip Tuesday, Instagram LIVE

Every Tuesday at around 8.30pm GST (+4 GMT) join me for ‘Top Tip Tuesday’ on Instagram live. I deliver a top tip on how you can take small steps towards building your own enriching environment.

How to get involved:

  1. Watch LIVE @enrichingenvironments
  2. Catch up on IG TV
  3. Send me your questions – maybe we can do a Top Tip on your current concerns
  4. Follow us on Instagram @enrichingenvironments to be notified when we go live.